Introducing StaffConnect 4

The most powerful & customisable all-in-one app for temporary staffing agencies.


Time & Attendance

  • Schedule and rostering – assign and manage your staff, shifts and clients at the click of a button. See who’s available and when, instantly. Everyone’s up to date all the time.
  • Attendance – monitor staff attendance by using any mobile device to check in/out, with location tracking.
  • Timesheets – generate your payroll instantly, using the time and attendance records.
  • Overtime – have pay rates automatically change to comply with the US Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other overtime laws by state.

Manage & Report

  • Electronic signatures – sign any document electronically on any mobile device, so you never have to print a form again.
  • Client access – save time in reporting by letting your clients log in and giving them real-time visibility of how you’re doing. Also, let them book work requests in your system, so you don’t have to.
  • Invoicing and payroll integration – generate and send invoices and timesheets instantly, to your accounting system or department with a few clicks, so you never have to double handle any data.
  • Push notifications and chat – notifications and live chat to your staff, with optional SMS, so you’re always in contact with the team.

Access & Customisability

  • Completely cloud based – you’re always connected wherever you are.
  • White label – you’ll never see our name anywhere, so you’re always in the limelight in front of your clients. Also customise StaffConnect the way you like.
  • Mobile devices – use StaffConnect on any mobile device, with or without our App, to manage your business.
  • Mobile App – have your own mobile App, with your own name, to perform all your tasks from one spot.
Cool Stuff

GPS Check-in and out

With our platform you will be able to see what time users check-in and check-out of shifts, start and end breaks, as well as their location on a map. Optionally require a photo to be uploaded for further verification that everything is A-OK.

More Cool Stuff

Live Chat

Live chat is a faster and more personal way for you to communicate with your Staff. You can even Chat via your mobile device by using your personal iOS or Android apps, allowing you to stay in touch with your team from anywhere!
Live chat uses push notifications, which unlike SMS is completely FREE.
(We do offer SMS integration with Nexmo and soon to be added is Twilio, but these are separate paid services)

Video Stuff

Watch our Introduction Video

Watch our 8 minute video to learn the basics of what we do!


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Features You'll Love

Our attitude has always been that anything is possible. Since 2010, we have been evolving our platform based on what our clients personally request.
Because of this, our 4th generation platform is the most advanced and customisable white label agency management tool available, by far.


Easily Manage Events

From your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone you can easily create events, staff them and know their status by a quick glance at your colour coded calendar.
Want to to go even further? Allow your clients to access your system to book events themselves!


Quickly Find & Contact Staff

Your private user database is fully customisable and searchable. You can search by age, height, sex, location from a particular address, even on whatever custom field you create yourself! Once you've found who you want to contact, email them, send an SMS or send them an instant message using push notifications.
Don't know who to contact? No problem - enter your requirements and let our system work it out for you!


Automate Tasks

Do you find youself doing the same thing over and over again? We can help! Create message templates to auto-populate frequently sent messages. Don't want to have to send the messages? Create triggers to have the messages sent automatically at specific times. Can't find the trigger you need? Talk to us - if it doesn't exist perhaps our development team can create it for you. We're always open to improving our system!


Simplify Payroll

Pay your users with a few clicks of your mouse, no matter what country they are in, no matter what currency they use. StaffConnect Pay allows payment direct to bank account, PayPal, prepaid virtual credit card or even gift cards - let your staff choose for themselves how and when they'd like to be paid.
Use Xero, WorkMarket, have your own accounting department or something else? We have a number of integrations and exports available to cover your needs.
Create advanced pay rules to set rates automatically based on age, day, time of day, public holidays.
We handle Australian Fair Work Award Rates calculations + more.


Get Forms Signed Electronically

Do you need your staff to read and sign something? Or perhaps you struggle collecting tax forms like W9, I9 or Supperannuation Standard Choice. You can upload any pdf of image and turn it into a fillable, signable electronic form for your users to complete on their devices. They sign and initial using their mouse or finger. No need to use any external websites like DocuSign - we've got you covered!


Customise Completely

Most platforms allow you to change your logo, background and give you a custom login page. We do way more! Completely customise your URL. Change the colours on the calendar. Create your own user statuses. Have your own private apps on the Apple and Play stores named whatever you want. Create your own profile structure. Track events by Campaign, Job Number, PO Number, Brand, or whatever it is you call it!


Collect Data

We have a built in report creation tool to allow you to easily design electronic forms for data collection.
Create Surveys for post event data collection, eg. to record the number of interactions, number of products sold, audience feedback etc. of your activation.
Create scored Quizzes for screening your applicants or testing your teams product knowledge. These can be set as requirements for certain events to provide quality assurance - you can guarantee that only those who have achieved a certain level can work your events.
Of course once you have all this data you need to retrieve it - view it online, download it in zip files, export to spreadsheet. No need to use any external website like Survey Monkey, we've got you covered!


Present your staff, beautifully.

We know that in the promotions and modelling industry - presentation is everything! Should your clients ask you to submit portfolios or contact cards of your talent, allow us to assist. Our system allows you to design for yourself how you'd like your presentations to look. Give your web developer access to the system to allow them to upload their code, or use one of our free default templates.
Here is an example contact card which showcases one of our team members :)
Here is an example presentation to propose multiple talent.
In addition we also have a 'submission' feature which generates a proposal and talent grid entirely in an email, useful for those clients who want everything directly in their inbox.


Client & External User Access

Give your clients access to your system to allow them to book new jobs, view existing jobs and their status as well as booked talent. After the event your clients can access survey data and event photos for themselves - there is no more need for you to manually create and email reports to your clients!
Our system also handles outsourced talent. Maintain your outsourced talent in the same database as your direct talent, but limit their action and access to view and apply to specific events. Outsourced staff can still view their booked jobs online and complete surveys, quizzes, check-in and out and upload photos the same as a regular staff can.

Plans and Pricing

We try to make StaffConnect affordable for all businesses big and small, so if none of the below suit you please don't give up - get in touch and we'll see what we can offer you.

Below prices are for:




Per user per month

  • Minimum $ 30 / month
  • URL *
  • Custom App + $ 100 / year
  • Minimum Term None
  • Free Support
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Unlimited chat
  • Unlimited storage
  • API access with custom endpoints
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Per admin per month

  • URL *
  • Custom App + $ 100 / year
  • Minimum Term None
  • Free Support
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Unlimited chat
  • Unlimited storage
  • API access with custom endpoints
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Per month

  • Custom URL whatever you like
  • Custom App Included
  • Minimum Term None
  • Free Support
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Unlimited chat
  • Unlimited storage
  • API access with custom endpoints
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Setup & Data Migration

We do not charge any setup fees. Your free trial system is fully functional, so after your trial period ends, should you decide to continue with us you simply keep going. Nothing more for us to set up so no charge!
We are happy to help migrate data from any other system at no extra charge. All we need is a database export in SQL, CSV, XLS or other spreadsheet format and we can get it done in usually under 2 days.
We have experience in importing exports from Watu and PopBookings :)

Hear What Our Customers Say

  • “As an Account Manager, ensuring both my client information and staff information is clearly organised, easily accessible, user friendly and tailored to suit my needs is very important. The team at StaffConnect have never ceased to amaze me with their ability to quickly provide solutions for any request - no matter how outrageous! The customised system has been a godsend for our Staffing Co-ordinator and I can honestly say it has increased our productivity and efficiency ten fold over the last six to twelve months. I would happily recommend StaffConnect and all of it's features to any promotional agency looking to streamline their system.”

    — Hannah Gower

  • “StaffConnect has enabled us to coordinate our staff more efficiently and has reduced the time it took previouslymto manage our business. We highly recommend this system for anyone that needs to manage multiple staff and or activations. It's a one stop shop!”

    — Melinda Vaughn

  • “StaffConnect has helped Activ8 become more streamlined and far more efficient. Staffconnect is a user-friendly system which provides both coordinators and staff with a very clear picture of what’s happening in the business. It helps us with budgeting, scheduling, staffing, reporting and invoicing. Data entry is simple and errors can be easily corrected. The team has been amazing to deal with and is always quick to resolve any technical difficulties encountered. In the office we always said we needed extra hours in the day and StaffConnect has granted our wish.”

    — Jess Wright

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We understand that changing and commiting to a new system and work process can be scary, that's why we offer a one month free trial period with no commitment or credit card required. During this period you will have a private system created for you, access to all our paid features as well as the full assistance of our customer support team to get you up and running as fast as possible

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About Us

StaffConnect was founded in Australia by an ex promotions model, brand ambassador & software engineer.
Today we’re a diverse team made up of programmers, engineers, customer support specialists, free thinkers + an actress / stunt double.
We love what we do and want to do it better, so you can be confident in staffing more events while we handle all the tedious, routine, boring data stuff that excites us.
Collectively we’ve been doing this for over 20 years and because of this we’ve partnered with some of the biggest names globally, who have grown with us since day one.
That’s why we believe StaffConnect is the best platform available – it’s built by people in the industry, for the industry. It’s the most feature packed yet most efficient and minimal software available, designed to help you run your business effortlessly!